Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Family

I can't believe I wrote another post and lost the lot because my internet connection dropped out again!!!  Two bloody hours hard work down the drain again, kuput, gone. Believe me when I say hard work, writing is the hardest thing for me to do, collecting my thoughts and feelings then putting it in writing just taxes my brain and emotions.  I struggle with getting in touch with my feelings let alone losing what I've written. If I lose this post I'll grrrrrrr I don't want to give up but!!!! I might just spit the dummy.

I do love my laptop and this great new technology that enables us to surf the net, email, social networks and I love googling recipes for dinner, but at times like this it can be so darn frustrating.

I must say I had a great weekend lazing around reading, something I haven't done since my last holiday with my best friend when we went to Torquay in February for 5 fantastic days.  We stayed at a 5 start resort courtesy of Dominic who is Pats boss. I read Dan Brown latest book called The lost symbol. I thought it was his best work so far it was very hard to put down but enjoyed it immensely.  Over the weekend I read a book by Anne Rule another one of my favorite authors a great page turner if you like true crime stories.  My choice of books are so different from Pat my friend who's taste is historical romances like Catherine Cookson,  Pat thinks what I read is too heavy for her and just not her cup of tea.

Don spent the weekend on one of his favorite hobbies making his home brew, his other favorite pass time is fishing.  Don and I get on amazingly well, we are so compatable.  We've been together since september 1987. 

I have two wonderful daughters Emma and Rachel from my previous marriage, who no longer live at home with us, they are now all grown up, they flew the coop about 13 years ago and I have three beautiful grand children Ethan Cody and Hannah and Brett my step son who lived with us from the age of 8 he has also left home they are in their early thirties.  Don has been a great step dad and friend to my children.

It was really quiet when they all left home, just as well I was working full time so I didn't suffer the empty nest syndrome for too long.  It was a time for Don and I to party and we did.  Meals down the pub regularly and out with friends all the time.  Movies, Casino, Barbeques and parties.  Here are some photo's of my family



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