Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Intent

Well I'm really pissed off now.  I just finished writing my first ever blog article and went to post it when my connection to the internet dropped out and I lost my work.

My so called article was really my muses and my intent to start writing on a daily basis even though I have no idea at this stage what I want to write about.  I just know I want to write.

I've made a commitment to myself to write for at least one hour every day.  One hour per day may not be much time to devote to writing but I have never  written anything  other than complaints and frustration in a diary while I was married to my first husband of thirteen years.  I don't need to do that now because I'm happy this  time round. Lucky me.  First husband was a sleeze, the second husband likes to please. Well most of the time.

I want a little dog a Malteese because they don't malt.  I don't like fur left all over the house, clothes or car seats.  It would be nice to have company at home. now I can no longer work and my girls have long ago left home.  Don my hubby doesn't  want a dog, he doesn't want to tread in doggie poo in the back garden. I wonder though is it that? or will he be a little put out by the attention my doggie would get.

One hour of writing seems quite a formidable task to me.  I see a blank screen and  my mind tends to freeze and I have a mild anxiety attack.  Why? I don't know, I certainly don't have any trouble talking, you name it I can comment on it  have an opinion on the subject or knowledge about it, unless it's completely alien to me then I listen and learn or joke and laugh about it.  Don my husband would agree, I'm sure he switches me off at times and I don't blame him I can waffle on a bit at times like right now.

Hmmmm what to write?  Autobiography, Fiction, non fiction,? may be a how to do book? or should it be a true story, I could write a romance novel or what about poetry?  Hmmmm, sorry just thinking out aloud but if I don't write these thoughts down I'll forget and I need to complete this hour of writing or I'll be here all night.

I might just keep a journal of my inspirational thoughts if and when I get them to help me with this task I've set myself.

My hour is up, it would have been up two hours ago if my crappy network provider wouldn't keep dropping my connection out.

I've enjoyed this writing session and I'll be back tomorrow hopefully with the begining of something riveting  to read.  Maybe I'll tell you about my freaky experiences.

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