Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Well another day another dollar! Today is pay day woohoo!! sadly though there never seems enough to go around.  I've just updated our annual budget for the second time in 2010 because of all the price rises and I have to say it's getting tougher to make ends meet.

Every bill has risen again and I can't keep up with it even allowing for a 3 percent yearly rise. Then unexpected things crop up just at the most inconvenient times, like when your washing machine packs up or the car breaks down, expensive dentist bills and so on.  Isn't that just like Murphys' Law.  Who is this Murphy guy anyway?

Has anyone else noticed how they have reduced the weight in most of the food products we purchase, yet the prices still keeps rising and we are getting less for our money.  Asking for a wage rise in this economic climate is like getting blood from a stone even though bosses are expecting more productivity from their employees.

We are once again looking for more ways to help reduce costs.  We cut out our once a week takeaway meal in 2000 to once a month, now we have cut it out altogether.  We grow some of our own vegetables which helps.  I'm curently contemplating whether it would be cheaper to bake my own bread.  I'll have to research that, with the cost of power I'm not sure if that would be any cheaper.

If anyone has any suggestions of reducing costs feel free to comment below, all suggestions will be gladly appreciated.

I buy mostly home brand groceries and buy in bulk when items are on special which is a great saving when you work it out over a twelve month period you'd be surprised how much saving it adds up to.
I do not go to the big shopping centres so I'm am not tempted to impulse spend,  This is easy for me these days I no longer like to be in crowds.  I much prefer the peace of the beach or a nice walk around the park,  because at my age I have pretty much everything I need. Notice the word need and not wants.

I have plenty of wants but that would be a vacation and who wouldn't like lots of those.
A trip to my birth place England and visit  my relatives, then across to Paris would be nice and sightsee all of Europe.  Hmmm I like my dreams. 

I guess for now I'll just enjoy our drives to our own beautiful spots like Victor Harbor.


  1. Sounds like you have covered all the budgeting bases.

  2. I've downsized greatly. My daughter whom I take care of and I live simply on Social Security. We cut out TV; don't miss it. We rent movies, and get news through the Internet. I didn't need a $46 a month cell phone because I don't call that much and went to a landline which is fine. Wash dishes by hand to save electricity and water. And so on.

    Victor Harbor sounds beautiful.

    I found you via KarenG (Coming Down the Mountain). Glad I did. I'll be back.